Wednesday, March 25, 2009

you want me to do what??

What do you think when your doctor calls you on your cell at 8:30pm? "What's wrong??" Yeah that was my first thought too! Well apparently the answer is nothing. Nothing has changed in the plan to inject my knee with Supartz. The insurance company wouldn't approve Synvisc - but its basically "toe-mae-toe" "toe-mah-toe" as they say. Same thing - different name. But now they want to do it in a tv studio in Hollywood instead of in the Burbank doctors office. After I got over my stuttering "wha-wha-me-what?" I figured it might be fun... My doctor had gotten a call from the television show The Doctors requesting him to return to the show as a guest once again. He was also asked to bring a patient - that would be me! So this morning we had a camera crew in our little condo (man they brought a lot of equipment) to do an "in-home" interview clip type deal. I was soooo incredibly nervous but it went pretty well. I don't feel like I do well in front of any sort of audience and this includes camera-men and field producers. An hour later they decided they had enough footage for a less than 60 second clip! WOW.

Friday morning I report to the set at 6am. Yup. 6am. But I get to have my hair and makeup done! Woot! I'm just worried that I'll start crying on tv from the pain of a 4-inch long needle injecting some goopy stuff into my knee - lol. I'll let you know how it goes and when you can catch my one and only chance at stardom bahahahahaha.

Look for it:

He's back!!

My hubby that is... He never really went anywhere but it felt like it. He's been studying so hard for his Sports Certification Specialty test that I often spent entire Saturdays with girlfriends. While I thoroughly enjoyed those times (and ended up with some cute additions to my wardrobe and some yummy baked goods!) I missed spending weekends cuddling with my hubby in the middle of the day. So lucky to have married the most amazing guy this side of heaven. LOVE YOU HONEY!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inject me!


I'm kind of excited - I just scheduled my first knee injection! And I'm already looking forward to some improvement! Lord willing...haha. After an MRI and some more doctor visits they determined that there is some damage or a defect in the cartilage in my left knee. So some Synvisc shots will hopefully get some medication and nutrients in there to allow the cartilage to regenerate and heal itself. First shot of three is Wednesday. All I can say is...once I'm better who's up to train for a marathon with me??? I cannot wait to put on my sneakers and just be able to run. WHOO!