Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello all,

I feel a bit selfish asking for prayer on here, but perhaps that's just my pride. I'll just give you an update on what's been going on with my knee. I've been very frustrated lately with the pain that I've been having for the past year and a half. I've been going to physical therapy for almost a month now and the knee pain seems to only be getting worse. My therapist has limited my motion to hopefully decrease the pain, but this just leaves me helpless, slow, and more frustrated. It takes me twice the normal time to walk down stairs, I can't twist in any way, and bending my knee has to be done with care. It's a lot to think about all the time and forgetting leaves me in pain. Most nights when i get home it is just easiest to lie down and have Matt pile ice on my knee and leg. The inactivity is driving me bonkers! I can't workout, I can't walk down our front stairs, I can barely even shave in the shower without hurting myself. I just want it to end. I suppose the Lord is trying to teach me patience and dependance on Him. Its funny how we take such simple things for granted, and how much those things hurt when something goes wrong! I didn't know how good I had it :) I'm currently being treated with electro stimulation and iontophoresis (basically lots of wires and magnets driving in medication). There has been mention of cortisone shots, but that probably won't be for a while and only after some more doctor visits.

So anyway...if you would pray for my silly frustrations. That I would be able to be patient and do as the doctors think best. That I would trust that the Lord controls all things - even the ligaments and muscles in my knee - and trust in that.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

dear friend

I have such wonderful friends. My birthday fell on a Monday this year. A Monday that also happened to be Martin Luther King's birthday... so I had the day off. While that was really neat, my hubby did not have the day off. I was honestly feeling down about spending the day alone before Cassia insisted on spending all her spare time between classes with me. She is so darling. Not only that - our doorbell rang at 7:45 and...lo and behold!... muffins and a chai latte on our doorstep as she tried to drive away before we saw her (not quick enough :) ) We had a great time exploring downtown Newhall and all the neat little shops that are tucked away on nearly every block! Who knew our little corner of Santa Clarita had so many cool places??? We ate at a little hole-in-the-wall cafe that was WONDERFUL! Family owned and everything made from scratch... it doesn't get better than that. Then found this amazing store... every time I drive by it now I'm tempted to stop. Luckily for my husband I've been able to resist.

Dearest Sia, thank you for spending the day with me. You are such a blessing to me and a wonderful, wonderful friend. LOVE YOU!

good oldies

In the past two months or so I've found a few really neat antique shops around Santa Clarita that I've been wanting to visit. Well Cassia and I went to one for my birthday (which my computer is not letting me upload the pictures from) and then just this last week my sister and I went to another one in which we found some of the neatest things! A few of which made their way home with us :) I forgot to take a picture of the awesome binoculars that she bought - next time. But here's what I came home with...