Saturday, December 12, 2009

Knee Update

For all of you who are curious as to what has happened with problems with my knee in the past months...

The injections that started with the appearance on The Doctors lasted for 6 weeks but were, in the end, unsuccessful. After more physical therapy and no improvement my doctor wanted to go in and take a look. June 30th I had arthroscopic surgery that discovered all the problems! I had a 20% tear in my ACL that had resulted in a blood clot lodging in the area, damaged cartilage behind my knee cap, and an inflamed gland (the ones that produce joint fluid - I forget the name). My doctor was able to remove the blood clot, shave off the crummy cartilage and remove the problematic gland. My ACL is still stable, slightly less so that my right, but nothing that should be a big problem.

Now, after 4 more months of physical therapy - I'm FREE!!!!! I have been discharged and am seeing a huge difference as I am able to get back to my normal routine and the things I enjoy. Matt and I went hiking last weekend, which was somewhat short lived as I still have to build up the knee muscles - but it was so nice to even be out there!

Thank you all for all your prayers and support. It's good to be back to the active world :)


clyde said...

Glad to hear about your health. Where did you guys hike?

Matt said...

Placerita Canyon - Matt showed me where you guys bike...can you hike up there too?